2 RED ONE-MX Cameras

Ärt'i-choke. n. 1. Artichoke Productions, the multimedia studio for film / video / audio. 2. Red Camera Digital Cinema. 3. Final Cut Studio HD, Lightworks, Media 100 XR, Betacam SP A-B roll & film edit suites; DVD authoring. 4. visual effects & computer animation. 5. Pro Tools audio, music / fx. 6. Steadicam services. 7. Sony HD / DVCAM / Betacam; Arriflex 35/16 camera packages. 8. stage: Ultimatte green / blue screen, cranes, dollies, track, lighting & grip. 9. lots of toys, unique relaxing environment, hot tub, stream, pond, patio, free parking, great espresso for Combustion nights, etc.
v. to make the best choice in pre-pro-post.
They're HERE...
We are now offering Digital Cinema Services with our Red Cameras: