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Paul Kalbach

"A Better Place?"

What is a better life; that of a man, or that of a dog?


A series of portraits in motion.

"10.12.08 One Day / One Spot"

Shot on one day without moving tripod or changing lenses.

"The World Famous Kid Detective"

Excerpts from feature film (theatrical premiere 6/14/14, Arena Cinema, Hollywood). Directed by Tim Kelly, Friday's Films; Director of Photography, Paul Kalbach from Artichoke Productions.

Paul Kalbach

Artichoke Productions 4114 Linden Street Oakland, CA 94608 510.655.1283
NYC Water

"NYC Water" Sound Design



"Susannah" Edit & Sound Design


Podcasts: The Grip Guide

I co-produced a series of podcasts called "The Grip Guide" in partnership with The Pixel Corps and SFSDF. Being a somewhat spontaneous un-scripted project, I shot them all in one day in San Francisco with the exception of the episode on HMI Lights, which was shot at a later date in Los Angeles by Dustin Kitchens. All eleven episodes can be downloaded for free from iTunes. Click HERE for a sample episode.

-- Paul Kalbach

David Arquette in "Dream With the Fishes", Sony Pictures Classics
David Arquette
David Arquette
Alex Fong
Alex Fong
Hewlett Packard
Alex Fong in "Angels III", Molesworth Ltd, Hong Kong
"Q-ZAR", Reality Entertainment
"Banaue", Phillippine Department of Tourism
"Pump", Dachtar, Inc.
"Hewlett Packard", Hoffman Agency
Sunday Afternoons
"Sunday Afternoons" EXCERPTS only

A Jog9 and Artichoke co-production. More info at

Red Reel
"Valentine's Pillowfight"

San Francisco, February 14, 2014.

"Carbon Dioxide Blues 2014"

My protest against Global Warming.
Gold Laurel Award, 99 Cent Film Festival. Official Selection, Maverick Movie Awards.

""Doggie B"

Excerpts from feature film. Directed by Romanus Wolter. C Camera Operator & Steadicam; Paul Kalbach.

""MINE!" Dorito spot.